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15 December
I am le Sub! I am a huge huge huge fan of the Narnia books and the movie(s). I like slash AND het, so you know, I like everything! I mainly slash, but I have been known to het on occasion as well. Peter/Edmund is my OTP, if you no like, oh well *shrug* I am also a big fan of William and Skandar. My own writing that I am most proud of is 'Just and Magnificent', a P/E three volume monster. 'Chronicles of Skandar', an RPS. I do not own these characters, they belong to C.S. Lewis except for the COS characters who have no bearing on the people themselves, alright? I OWN NOTHING! Please join the Narnia fandom and write your own ficcies and read some of the wonderful ficcage that many other writers contribute to the Narnia fandom.


2008 - I now ship Team Pevensie and RPF equivalent. As such my writing will likely expand to include other Pevensie ships.

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